Fascist principles



Many people think that the president is a Fascist. Do you?

Scholars point out that Fascism varies from culture to culture and at different times. Historically, Mussolini, the anti-Semitic dictator of Italy 1922-1943, created his brand of fascio, which meant “bundle of brothers.” Ask yourself, is the president following some Fascist principles and actions?

  1.  Powerful and continuing nationalism – slogans such as Make American Great Again
  2.  Disdain for human rights – enforced discrimination against immigrants
  3. Scapegoats – liberals, the media, Hillary
  4.  Supremacy of the military – increasing the military budget by billions
  5.  Rampant sexism – anti-LGBT rights, rigid gender roles
  6.  Corporate glorification – putting rich people from corporations in power
  7.  Control of the mass media – all media, except Fox, are corrupt and wrong
  8. Obsession with national security – using fear

9    Religion – using religion to manipulate people

  1. Suppressing labor – disdain for unions; promises unfulfilled for workers
  2. Disdain for intellectuals and the arts – refusing to fund the arts
  3. 12. Obsession with crime and punishment – overlooking police brutality
  4. 13. Cronyism – putting friends and relatives in power
  5. 14. Fraudulent elections – gerrymandering districts, claiming voter fraud, Russia influencing votes
  6. Illegally rounding up those who oppose – passing strict laws against protesters, arresting dissidents, appointing right-wing judges.

Trella Laughlin