Dropping a Line


Jerry Chambers from Edmond, Okla., didn’t mind the cold, nor did Johnny Glantz of Big 1’s Guide Service who took him out Monday. All they would tell me is they saw them busting the top somewhere between Prairie Creek and Horseshoe Bend on Beaver Lake.

They were just cruising slow watching the graph for bait and fish when they saw the birds hitting the top picking up bait the stripers were pushing to the surface. They motored over slow then shut off the outboard and dropped the trolling motor before they got to them, and Jerry went to casting a big top water popper as Johnny went to dropping bait in the water.

It was Jerry’s second cast when this 34-lb. pound striper grabbed his lure with a splash. That stopped Johnny as he just got the third bait rod in the water. They never got a 4th bait rod in because it was a time for the net.

They just got him in the boat when one of the bait rods following behind went to stripping off line. As Jerry went to grab it another rod took off and they both ended up bringing in a 17- and a 24-pounder.

Then the fish went down and the birds returned to the sky.

They rebaited six rods and caught two smaller stripers and a 6-lb. bass before calling it a day.

If you haven’t caught a coldwater striper yet, you have not had a good fight. They just don’t tire in the winter as they do in the summer. Smaller, 3 – 5 in. baits, are the best size through the winter. Most stripers will hold in the mid-lake area until the water starts to warm up in March when they run upriver for the spawn.

Well, Johnny got his phone to ring rubbing it like a Genie Lamp, so I’m rubbing mine also and knocking $40 off my Striped Bass trips and $20 off my Holiday Island trips for any date you choose in 2018 as long as I have you in the books by March 1.

Speaking of Holiday Island, the bass and walleye are looking fat and healthy and being caught from here at the Island to the Houseman boat launch upriver, swimming with some big trout. The water’s warmer than the air most days now. Fish live in the water, so dress warm and catch you some fresh dinner. If you get a warm day take a kid with you, too. Pass it on. www.fishofexcellence.com (479) 253-2258.