Dropping a Line


Well, the cold weather has kept most in this past week but I still netted some good shad that hold very well with this cooler water. The pic is what I call shad on dope. Since they stress so easy and stress kills, these are being knocked out with Tranquill in a tub, then they wake in the bait tank nice and calm. With the lake water temp running below 68°, the bad bacteria are gone and they can survive up to three months in captivity. With no hot water to kill them they stay active and don’t die on the hook, either.

Now we have a nice warm front coming and it looks like we have the 70s back for the next couple weekends. Water temp on Beaver Lake has dropped to 66° which is great for the striper top water bite. 58° to 68° is prime time to catch some big fish  on top on big top water baits and freelining shad and big shiners.

They will now chase bait to the surface through most of the winter until the water temp goes below 46°, which usually won’t happen till January with a ice storm.

Most stripers have moved to their winter spot, which is back to the Hwy. 12 bridge area near Rogers from Prairie Creak to Horseshoe Bend, so it’s about a 60-minute  drive to get to them but well worth it. Afternoon trips hitting the water at 2 p.m. and coming in at 7 are being very productive with all staying warm.

Here at the Island on Table Rock, water is down to 63°, so all our fish are going shallow to feed. This is the same as the spring as far as fishing now, with the only difference being the fish are more interested in getting fat for winter instead of spawning.

Well, I will go for now. The fall bite is on and winter is not here yet so get out and enjoy some good fishing and take a kid with you. Hope all had a happy and safe Halloween.