Developer offers the city a street, sidewalk going in on US62


City Council met for a regular meeting Monday evening, with aldermen Terry McClung and Melissa Greene absent. 

Mayor Butch Berry welcomed Parks Director Justin Huss, who provided council with an update on springtime operations in the city’s parks, then said the new shuttle service for downhill riders in Lake Leatherwood City Park is proving to be “tremendously successful.” Huss said visitors are coming from all over the U.S. to ride the Eureka Springs trails. 

  • Next to speak was resident David Marry who owns the road in the subdivision on East Mountain known as Corley Street, and he would like to deed the gravel street to the city. He said the street is fire department approved with a fire hydrant and city sewer and water lines. “The street is presently being used as a city street, basically,” he said.

Three houses in the subdivision have been completed and sold, and three more are being built in the next year and a half. Marry said there is a central garden for absorbing rainwater, which since it is on top of the mountain should prevent erosion.

 “We were told basically that it is not up to city standards, but so are half of the streets in this city not up to city standards. We don’t want to pave the road because we’re using the road for absorbing the rain too – it’s part of our initial plan.”    

  • Following comments, Ord. 2278 prohibiting animal suffering was unanimously approved awaiting one more reading before being finalized at the next regular meeting that’s a month away due to the council cancelling the second regular meeting of this month because of Memorial Day weekend. 
  • City Attorney Tim Weaver stated that council’s decision to reduce public utility fees for ECHO Village or any other entity is within its power. He advised against altering any water tap fees as that is outside the city’s jurisdiction due to state mandate.

Weaver also said, “Keep your paws off – council has no authority over Uber or Lyft.”  He said these entities are State regulated and can legally operate in the city limits. 

  • Public Works Director Dwayne Allen spoke to council about street maintenance plans for 2019. Allen has approximately 20 street projects slated for the year totaling $338,000. Among the most costly are installing a sidewalk on W. Van Buren ($75,000), overlay 2,100 ft. of street at Hale & Steele Sts. ($43,000), and overlay 2,000 ft. of Echols St. ($41,000). Allen stated the budget was tight and he may be requesting funds later in the year from a surplus account to cover these costs.