Crumbs from the kitchen


Eds. Note: Rambling thoughts from a woman who insists she can’t write, but did because she was touched by those who got out in this week’s “Will I or won’t I get where I’m going weather?” She wrote in longhand at her kitchen table at 6 a.m.

While most stayed safely in their homes this week during the snowstorm and frigid temperatures, dedicated people ventured out to provide much needed services. They risked their necks so others could have convenience – keeping stores open so others could buy ice melt so Joe, or Jo, could melt their car out of the slick spot. Or de-ice their sidewalk.

City and county employees kept the main arteries cleared as much as they could. Filling stations remained open for fuel and a hot cup of coffee and maybe a bag of Funyuns.

Soup kitchens fed the hungry and sheltered the cold. Did you?

Hospital and nursing home employees were on staff to take care of others’ loved ones. Something you don’t think about until you need the service. We are grateful.

Even the believer in a cause bundled up and risked life and limb to bring awareness to others. We thank you.

A notary at the bank was available to notarize an important document needed to meet a very important deadline that couldn’t wait for the holiday or the weather. Thank you.

The emergency services workers who pro-actively drove ambulances around town looking for anyone who was in peril or might have fallen.

Even the newspaper staff made the slow, slippery trek to meet print deadlines so others would find their favorite red, black and white print at their favorite distribution location on time. No inconvenience here except for the stress endured wondering if they were actually going to survive the trip and then make it home again so they could do it again the next day.

The individuals who slipped and slid to the bird feeders so our fine feathered friends could eat and be happy.

Those who didn’t tailgate, then got out and helped the motorist in front get unstuck.

The man on call who drives the tow truck and the mechanics available for your car repair needs.

The mothers, fathers, husbands and wives who prayed their loved ones on their journey.

Those who checked that the neighbor had food and that their pipes didn’t freeze. The plumbers, electricians and the wonder people who repair the heater when it quits on the coldest day of the year.

One more Eds. Note: Chief Ed Thompson of the Inspiration Point Fire Dept. who called volunteers in Monday afternoon to put chains on fire trucks and pumpers, just in case.


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