Council passes budget changes


Finance Director Lonnie Clark told council on Jan. 8 that he had made only four changes to the 2018 budget since they had seen it in December. One was to remove the amount the City Advertising and Promotion Commission had paid for the utilities at the Auditorium during 2017, and another was to add a $50,000 line item so Public Works could buy a generator for the sewer treatment plant, a purchase intended to save the city money during summer peak electricity usage. A third change was to add a full-time employee for the cemetery.

The final change was to add $30,000 so Building Inspector Bobby Ray would have funds for rehabbing certain properties that were headed toward Demolition by Neglect. Clark said the city would eventually get the investment back from either direct payments or liens.

Alderman Bob Thomas noticed, however, the budget before them did not reflect that expenditure. Alderman Kristi Kendrick moved to amend the budget so council could pass it at that meeting, and vote on her motion was unanimous. Council then passed Resolution 722, the Budget Resolution.