Cotton should be baled


Dear Tom Cotton,

“We’re now one step closer to fulfilling our promise to grant much-needed tax relief to America’s working families.”

That’s what it says on your website talking about “Tax Belief.”

By “working families of Arkansas,” I assume you mean the Murphy Oil family and the Witt Stephens investment family? The Walton family? The Tysons?

Okay, so far, those are indeed Arkansas families, and, arguably, some of them might do some “work” herding their millions from one investment to the other, and golly, what a payday you intend to give these “working families,” after cutting corporate tax rates 15 percent – or, in other words, giving them their “fair share” of about $2 trillion in free money. I can hardly wait for it to tinkle down.

I honestly don’t know – or have the time to find out – how many “family members” these empires, which would also really like to be shed of the Estate Tax – actually include. So I can’t count their votes.

I also have no way of factoring how many of their employees might be terrorized, economically, into voting for Tom Cotton again.

It could be hundreds. It might be thousands. It won’t be much more, because most of the true working folks who are laboring for low wages in these empires and their subsidiaries know a swindle when one whizzes on their legs and then has the gall to tell ‘em it’s raining. Some of them actually vote their conscience.

But to get the votes of everybody else in Arkansas, if you vote to pass this tax giveaway, you are going to need to fully follow the example of your current hero, the leader of your party, and just to lie, lie, lie like you’ve never lied before –and there won’t be any “Obamacare” for you to base a racist campaign upon, and lie about, next time.

And your next opponent won’t be some easy-going member of the Pryor family. It will be someone who’s real ticked off. They won’t be ticked off about just your Arkansas “working families.” No sir, it’s the “fulfilling your promise” to all the “working” non-Arkansas families that really, really have us outraged by your contribution to this deficit-exploding, inflation-creating, income-gap increasing and mandate-repealing grand theft of the U.S. Treasury, tax reform.

Brad Bailey