Constables on Patrol


January 1

11:10 a.m. – Someone upstairs reported a disturbance in the business downstairs. No one was there when constable arrived, and the business was secure.

11:38 a.m. – Central dispatch passed along information about a vehicle involved in an earlier pursuit driven by a person with outstanding warrants. Constables were on alert.

11:51 a.m. – Constables watched for a vehicle that left the scene of an accident in Berryville, but eventually learned it was still in Berryville.

2:05 p.m. – Alarm was triggered at a business in the eastern part of town. Constable found the building secure.

4:12 p.m. – Passerby noticed two people passed out in a vehicle parked in a downtown loading zone. Constables arrested one on a warrant out of Carroll County. The vehicle was released to a family member.

January 2

5:44 a.m. – Something triggered an alarm at a downtown business, but constable found the place secure.

10:31 a.m. – Alarm at the same location rang out again, and again the constable found nothing awry.

12:15 p.m. – This time an alarm was tripped at a bank, and again the constable found everything in good order.

1:48 p.m. – Passerby in the extreme eastern end of town saw the door of a business open with no vehicles in the parking lot. Constables arrived to find the door closed and building secured.

2:52 p.m. – Staff at a business reported a former employee was making threatening communications.

11:20 p.m. – Alarm at a business just off US 62 rang out. Constables found no footprints in the snow so they suspected a false alarm.

January 3

3:23 p.m. – Concerned observer reported a truck on Hwy. 23 hauling a wobbly load of wood. Constables watched for but did not encounter the vehicle.

January 4

6:44 a.m. – A woman told ESPD she might have heard people upstairs. Constable checked the building but did not find anyone up there.

8:57 a.m. – Truck pulling heavy equipment ran off a curvy section of US 62. No injuries.

1:49 p.m. – Individual turned himself in on an outstanding warrant.

8:26 p.m. – Employee accidentally set off the alarm at a bank.

January 5

1:06 p.m. – Property owner saw someone squatting on the property. Constables advised the individual to leave and not come back.

6:08 p.m. – Vehicle was parked in front of a closed business on Hwy. 23 South. Constable checked on the vehicle and deemed no report was necessary.

January 6

6:10 a.m. – Constable filed a report of possible abuse at a care facility.

8:49 p.m. – There was a domestic incident at a motel, and constables arrested one person for domestic battery and another on warrants out of ESPD and other agencies.

January 8

9:21 a.m. – Constable advised panhandler of local ordinances and encouraged him to move along.

9:28 a.m. – Observer alerted ESPD to a rolling domestic dispute eastbound on US 62. Constables initiated a traffic stop and arrested one person on an outstanding warrant.

9:38 a.m. – ESPD learned a person had been sleeping on the employee entrance porch of a bank over the weekend. Constable gathered information about the person and a possible homeless campsite nearby.

10:28 a.m. – EMS asked for constable assistance with a combative patient.