Confrontation over mask wearing



I went into the post office and found that a customer was standing at the counter without wearing a mask. It is difficult to walk through such a confined space without coming within 6 feet of other customers, and I explained to the maskless gentleman that I wear my mask to protect him and that I’d like him to wear a mask to protect me. That seemed to have rubbed him the wrong way, but the sign on the door says “wear a mask” and there’s a statewide mandate that we wear masks.

Being of an age myself that puts me at risk, and with the new CDC guidelines that acknowledge that virus bearing aerosols can remain in the air for several minutes and travel beyond the 6 ft. “safe zone,” I hope others will put aside their intransigence and help us to defeat the disease and restore our economy.

I no longer consider it to be rude to challenge those who fail to use common sense to protect others. It is necessary. Wear your damn mask, please.

Doug Stowe


  1. Totally agree with you…it can be done in a polite but assertive way. I think ignoring those who forsake the law lets them off the hook.

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