Classification still an issue with Parks financials


The regularly scheduled Parks Oct. 6 workshop was originally scheduled to have two special meetings following it to approve first and second quarter financials, which have been revised multiple times.

CPA Rusty Windle of Windle & Associates was in attendance to answer commissioner questions. Mr. Windle explained that he made sure that financial items were classified correctly and that the taxes were split between the ¼ and 1/8 cent sales tax.

Commissioner Kevin Reuhle questioned why the format was different than previous revisions the commission had seen, and said that there was less information in what Windle had given the commission than previously.

Mr. Windle said that all the financial information was now in Parks’ system, which uses Quikbooks, and the reports were from their own system. Commissioners spent the rest of the workshop discussing with Windle that they wished to see financial reports closer looking to what Windle had given them in the past.    The Parks system also showed financial items classified incorrectly and Mr. Windle said he would work on fixing them. Windle assured commissioners that all of the money was accounted for in their system as well as his but that it is misappropriated in their own system.

Parks was unable to vote on the financials and Windle said he would try to have them ready for the next meeting.

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