City advised to reject road


In additional Public Comments at Monday’s city council meeting, aldermen and residents discussed the adding Corley to the street system and made no acceptance of the property donation. Resident David Zimmermann spoke against it saying the road is currently substandard and needs to be built to code, which maintains the quality of the neighborhood. 

Carrie and David Merry, who last month offered to donate the road to the city, made the argument that Corley is best suited for the city as a permeable surface and that concrete or other solid surfaces would create a drainage problem for neighbors down the hill. 

Public Works Director Dwayne Allen said he has been working with the developers and would not recommend adding the street to the city grid at this time. Allen said he felt like the addition would be a liability to the city as it would require at least $20,000 worth of improvements before it met current city code. 

  • Leon Bert expressed his recommendation to lower the speed limit on East Mountain due to concern for the safety of the citizens and children in the neighborhood. 
  • Dr. Laura Roets introduced herself as the clinical supervisor for the new state-licensed medical facility located at 154 Huntsville Rd., previously the Colonial Inn, focusing on behavioral health care and substance abuse disorders.  Dr. Roets can be reached at (949) 313-5257. 
  • Council passed a six-month resolution to allow aldermen to serve on the Planning Commission due to the frequent lack of quorum. 
  • Council received a Hospital Commission application from Dr. Tyson L. Burden of the Burden Medical Clinic in Eagle Rock, Mo.
  • The Ord. 2278 prohibiting animal suffering was approved and finalized in its third and final reading, with alderman Terry McClung opposed. 
  • The City-owned property at 25 Norris Street will be put up for bid for sale. 

The next regular council meeting is scheduled for Monday, June 24 at 6 p.m. in the Auditorium.