CAPC workshop entertains funding requests


The City Advertising and Promotion Commission considered five marketing support requests at its Jan. 24 workshop, but since it was a workshop, commissioners could not vote. Also there were only three commissioners present, so the regular meeting scheduled to occur after the workshop was postponed for lack of a quorum.

Jean Elderwind represented the request for the 13th Books in Bloom event sponsored by the Carroll County Library Foundation and scheduled for May 13. Elderwind said they have 13 authors scheduled to appear, some of whom readers might have been reading their entire lives. She has heard there would be a bus full of attendees coming from Ft. Smith.

She requested $1690 from the CAPC for more advertising and asked Executive Director Mike Maloney to help guide them through their marketing outreach.

Commissioner David Mitchell stated, “I’m totally in support of the money and the project.”

Chris Fischer, speaking for the Native Plant Garden Project, represented a request of $1200 for printing an informational handout for the Community Development Partnership. Fischer said his group has been transforming a plot downtown into “an urban wildlife habitat area using native plantings to educate the community about providing natural resources for the benefit of fauna, such as pollinators, and to present an enjoyable garden experience for locals and visitors alike.”

He envisioned a brochure or handout with photos on one side and maps on the other, which “present an overview of the natural resources of Eureka Springs.” The theme of the brochure would be “Off the Beaten Path,” and available for Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission Heritage Month, which is May, but would also be pertinent afterward.

Commissioner Susan Harman asked Fischer what exactly he was trying to accomplish with the handout, and he replied the brochure would inform visitors that Eureka Springs has an abundance of natural assets such as lakes and trails, and the brochure would point out where they are.

Mitchell commented the Eureka Springs app should have this information, and Harman responded the information should also be available in printed form.

Fischer told commissioners he had only developed a vessel for delivering the information, and they could work together on the content.

Maloney presented the request for $1000 to help advertise the parade and other events associated with Veteran’s Day. The application stated planners anticipate 1000 people will attend the Nov. 9-12 festivities, and Maloney estimated return to the CAPC would be around $2200.

Maloney also said the Preservation Society was requesting $3000 to help promote the Christmas Tour of Homes. At least 1300 visitors are expected, and many come to town for a couple days or longer. Maloney expected $4300 returnable in taxes to the CAPC. Harman expounded on promotion strategies for how the CAPC could not only assist with promoting the Tour of Homes, but at the same time get word out about Eureka Springs.

The final request was for $1372 for direct mail expenses to promote Springtime in the Ozarks scheduled for April 19-22. Maloney said the popular event would draw 2000 people to town who stay at least two nights, and eat out and shop. “It is a golden event for Eureka Springs,” Maloney said, and added it has gotten so big the opening night event must be held at both the Auditorium and the Inn of the Ozarks Convention Center.

Next meeting will be Wednesday, Feb. 14, at 6 p.m.