CAPC to choose candidate for top job on Wednesday


City Advertising and Promotion commissioners gathered at the Aud on Monday to interview the second candidate for Tourism Director, Garry Holstein. Holstein covered his résumé, although the audio recording was difficult to understand.

Holstein is originally from Central Arkansas and holds a Master’s in Business Administration with a focus on strategic management and marketing. He said he had worked for a community in Indiana that was much like Eureka Springs, a historic town that was leaning on its art and cultural tourism to draw people.

Holstein said he had experience working with tourist focus groups to better know how to engage art and cultural tourism. When asked by commissioner Harry Meyer what he thought of the current show at Brews, Holstein said that it was an opportunity for people to have an artistic experience and honor those artists who were active in the community.

Commissioners had a positive review of Holstein with Bobbie Foster and Melissa Greene saying he had a lot to offer. Foster said she was impressed with how passionate he was about Eureka Springs.

Last week commissioners interviewed Madison Dawson, who like Holstein, was selected for the final interview out of 10 applicants.

Chair Jeff Carter said that their conversation had been good and that he thought the CAPC had two great candidates and a tough decision to make. The commission scheduled that decision for Wednesday, July 21 at 4 p.m. at the Aud.

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