CAPC seat still open


CAPC commissioner Terry McClung announced that in addition to the seven applications already submitted, Debbie Davis had also applied to fill the vacant seat on the commission. He said it takes a majority of the commission, which means four, to nominate someone to fill the seat, and there were only five commissioners present. He opened the floor for nominations.

Commissioner Susan Harman nominated Carol Wright and Bobbie Foster seconded. Dustin Duling nominated Beau Satori, but got no second. David Mitchell nominated Debbie Davis and Harman seconded. There were no more nominations, so commissioners wrote preferences on ballots. McClung said the tally was two votes for Wright, one for Davis and one abstention, so no name was nominated to send to city council for approval.

Commissioners agreed to vote again and got the same result. A third try produced the same result, so McClung announced they would try again at the next regular meeting.

Maloney wanted the public to know the application period was still open, so anyone interested and qualified can still send in an application. Applications are available on or at the CAPC office.