CAPC attendance rules tightened


Commissioner David Mitchell brought up the question of when does a series of absences by a CAPC commissioner at regular meetings mean the commission should recruit a new commissioner? He did not include workshops. Commissioner Susan Harman said other commissions consider three absences as the number.

Executive Director Mike Maloney replied a commissioner who misses one meeting per quarter “is basically twenty-five percent ineffective.” He contended commissioners have an obligation to attend meetings because an absence might be the difference in having a quorum or affecting a vote.

Mitchell moved to establish an attendance policy whereby missing three meetings in a fiscal year is considered a resignation from the commission, and the policy would begin immediately. Vote to approve his motion was unanimous.

Director’s report

  • Maloney reported he expected a big red shirt contingency at the upcoming Governor’s Conference on Tourism in Little Rock March 12-14.
  • Events coordinator Andy Green has been speaking with agents to bring talent to Eureka Springs, “and he is starting to strike gold.”
  • A media monitoring service produced the fact 85 percent of Facebook visitations are female.
  • The May Festival of the Arts calendar is being updated regularly with a variety of first time events, and there will be a Gallery Stroll every Saturday.
  • Maloney said in February Eureka Springs received $81,000 in free public relations through online, television and print resources.
  • In February, the CAPC included Chicago, Omaha and Des Moines in its Facebook advertising and the results were positive. Every month, Maloney will include three additional new cities.

Next workshop will be Wednesday, March 22, at 4 p.m. at the CAPC office. Next regular meeting will be Wednesday, April 12, at 6 p.m.