Candy Bank needs deposits



Halloween is almost here and I am excited to announce that the White Street Candy Bank is open for business and accepting donations. Last year the Candy Bank accepted and distributed over 200 pounds of candy to neighbors along the Upper Historic Loop making it possible for more people to participate in the fun without breaking their budget.

We counted over 1000 trick-or-treaters last year, and expect just as many again. Anyone wishing to make a deposit can bring bags of candy, small giveaway toys or healthy treats to drop-off spots at Regalia Handmade Clothing at 16 White or across the street at Oscar’s Cafe during business hours.

Upper historic loop residents wanting candy to distribute can begin picking it up at Regalia on Oct. 30.

Our heartiest “Thank yous” go out to everyone involved and to the city’s promotional entities who have honored the neighborhood’s requests to keep this nostalgic, resident-funded event out of the headlines and “in the hood.”

Mark Hughes