Beware of divide and conquer



I had dinner and drinks with some old friends from Nebraska this week. The subject of politics inevitably came up and I had to call “foul” and say that we’d already respectfully agreed to disagree, so there was no point in discussing it.

They’re not just Republicans (that’s sort of a given) but avid Trumpsters. I find that astonishing! Or maybe not. They all own and carry guns. (As if that really has anything to do with anything important!) Single-issue voters.

I don’t really care whether people choose to arm themselves with a gun or a Bible or a bag and a bong. You’re welcome to any (or all) of the above as long as you don’t shove it in my face. The real definition of single-issue voters is “divide and conquer” – and it works oh-so-well. I really don’t understand why people can’t see that!

We’ve all (99%) become slaves (no matter what color our skins) to a worldwide plantation and if we’re going to throw sticks & stones, we need to throw them at the masters (1%) in the plantation house, not at other slaves.

Keep your guns, your Bibles, and your bongs, or whatever else it is that makes you feel safer. We’re probably going to need them all ‘cause “it’s a jungle out there.” Sorry, but I just had to include that because we’ve been watching re-runs of “Monk” lately and that song is indelibly stuck in my head. I’ve been trying to exorcise but it won’t go away. I wonder why?

And, yes, I did participate in Occupy Wall Street (we are the 99%) a few years back, but after being kicked out of every parking lot in town, even in Eureka, it began to feel like spitting in the wind.

Gloria Churchill