Alderman, Ward 1, Position 2


Caitlin Branaman said the diverse population needs diverse representation that transcends age and represents everyone equally, and education, fellowship and the health of the community would be her priorities. “City officials should behave civilly and be held accountable for their performance,” she said adding that ordinances should encourage compliance and ensure protection, and elected officials should represent all constituents, not just a few.

Susan Harman listed her experience in finance, investment and hospitality. Advancing tourism is her focus, and she believes it is her responsibility to serve the community.

The two candidates were asked what would they do to create more jobs for young adults. Branaman replied she was very familiar with the job scene in town, and too many jobs are seasonal. She noted council does not create jobs, but finding ways to create year-round employment would be important.

Harman agreed too many local jobs are seasonal, but the primary economic engine is tourism so the city should bolster what it currently does and identify what new experiences it can create to bring more jobs and people to town.

Their second question was where would the city be in ten years, and Harman said a two-year term as alderman would be enough time to create a long-term plan for growth, but there must be a plan in order to bring in new industries and people.

Branaman said tourism is important but also important is focusing on the needs of those who live here. The city needs to create incentives to encourage people to stay here such as more affordable housing and year-round jobs.