Add to towers, don’t build new ones



Highway 62 in Arkansas has been named as one of the top 8 scenic drives for viewing autumn leaves and by USA Today for motorcycle scenic drives. A popular stop is a multi-generational business, Martin Greer’s Chocolates. Outside Greer’s shop, there is splendid color in the Sassafras and Aromatic sumac shrubs even though the old growth forests were cut down long ago.

Currently there is an application in before the Benton County Arkansas Planning Commission to erect a 250-ft. cell tower (24 stories) in a residential enclave. Towers often come with lights, cameras and noise from AC/generators.

Multiple cell towers along US 62, are as the crow flies, a few miles from each other. The typical cellphone has enough power to reach a tower 45 miles away. Existing towers off US 62 can house more and advanced equipment by adding to them. It’s the equipment on the towers that improves service, not the steel structures themselves.

Another hearing will be held on October 7 solely because the applicants weren’t aware that half the territory delineated as needing improved service – the State of Missouri in the federal lands of the Mark Twain National Forest weren’t notified by Certified mail, as required.

How can you say that Bambi needs more service but then not even know where Bambi lives? If anyone has concerns about this matter, please write: and cc

Lastly, the tower applicants claimed the right to do with private land as one pleases. But what about the owners bordering that cannot improve their property because cell tower setbacks encroach on their land in case the cell tower topples have a place to fall.

Susan Pang

Garfield, Ark.

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