A William Barr-type summary of a 67-page Perception Report


The CAPC released a perception study done by H2R Market Research that details how leisure travelers view the Ozarks as a travel destination. Twelve hundred travelers were interviewed and their perception data was recorded, analyzed and presented in a 67-page report available for view in the Latest Reports tab at capc.biz.   

Perception research aids the tourism industry by providing information about potential visitors. This information can then be used to make informed decisions to grow Ozarks’ businesses. The report not only enables tourism awareness for city businesses, but also for the surrounding areas. 

For example, Eureka Springs West (ESW). The businesses stretching 10 miles outside of the city limits from Thorncrown Chapel to the White River and Beaver Lake have long been a staple in tourism for the territory. The perception report shows how travelers are seeking outside recreation in nature; showing interest in mountain hiking, trail walking, river and lake escapes. 

The areas that can provide fresh country air to the traveler are the outer reaches of Eureka Springs. For years these areas have missed out on promotional dollars spent on advertising by the Chamber of Commerce and the CAPC, but have long contributed to the numbers of visitors who enjoy going to town for shopping, dining, and lodging.

Nature lovers seek the quiet paradise in the country and in a short drive can also receive all the benefits Eureka Springs has to offer. ESW President Carla Short said that areas like Eureka Springs West are attracting more and more vacationers to natural beauty while offering fine shopping and restaurants inside the city to complete travelers’ experience. She said it is the best of both worlds and working together will only enhance the economy.

The Perception Report echoes this cooperation by stating one way to break down barriers that prevent travelers to the Ozarks is to “work together to leverage promoters,” and promote and motivate Eureka Springs by celebrating beauty and uniqueness of the Ozarks.