A brief synopsis of each play

  • Neil Anderith of Ethiopia presents a twist of fate in Accountability. Director MacKenzie Doss explores the Three Fates – Birth, Life and Death – who taunt humanity until forced to face the emotional repercussions of being human. The cast includes Janet Alexander, Liz Hawkins, Maggie Mae and Courtney Sturm. Underwriters are Calvin Clary of Salon Seven and Paul Wilson of Ermilio’s.
  • Lindsay Partain’s lyrical metaphor, Until the Earth Breaks Open, directed by Kenn Woodard, is a timeless and relevant paean to women of all cultures whose children have been taken from them. Cast includes Pearl Brick, Elise Buchman, Maricarmen Rose, Justine Ryan and Miranda Smith. Underwriters are Tom and Debbie Reay of The Woods Cabins.
  • Two Martinis by Ashley Arai, directed by Elise Buchman, navigates the hilarious partnership of two women who, in the face of a ballistic missile heading for Honolulu, confront the challenge of what to do with their last ten minutes. Cast includes Carmen Caldwell, Liz Kimberlin and Chuck Landis. Patrons include Pride Power (a group of 14 Proud Eurekans).
  • The Combustibles, by local playwright MacKenzie Doss, dangles in the world of spontaneous human combustion and questions the fragility of our over-saturated media psyche. Directed Michael Carey. The cast is Jim Holt and Heather Huber. Patrons include Equity Bank, Kristine Bradt Kendrick and Local Tub.
  • Angels of the Mansions of the Moon is a poetically charged play written by Randy Gross and directed by Justine Ryan. A lunar cosmic force signals Raquiel, the angel of harmony and redemption, to visit the homes of two women fighting for normalcy with their war-ravaged husbands. Cast includes Gail Medley Booker, Caia Clare, Matt Draper, Liz Hawkins, Maggie Mae, Courtney Sturm, Kenn Woodard and Matthew C. Taylor. Underwriters are Judy and Jom Statton of The Statton Gallery.
  • In Pulse & Power, playwright Amy Tofte exposes the “in-your-face” rawness of three characters caught in their own world of inner struggle and outer survival. She forces us to feel the internal beat of each character juxtaposed against the pulse of the city, while director Matthew Taylor challenges us to find our own human story. The cast is Jocelyn Morelli, Steve “Yip” Vorbeck and Michael Carey. Patrons include Angler’s Restaurant, The Grand Treehouse Resort and David Biosatt.
  • Local playwright Michael Carey and Director Chris Ritthaler tickle our collective funny bone with the final play of the series, Bonkers, about a man who must deal with his roommate’s annoying imaginary friend. Bonkers was originally developed in a free Five & Dime Drama Collective workshop that was offered in association with The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, under the divine direction of Linda Caldwell. The cast includes Michael Carey, Justine Ryan, Courtney Sturm. The underwriter is Jim Holt of Brews.